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                                       Opening Statement

 To all the members of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America in New Jersey:

 On Tuesday April 5th 2011 we found out, through the grapevine, that or union hall as well as every other union hall in the state had been taken over by the New Jersey Regional Council of Carpenters (NJRCof C).  There was no official word given to either the members or as far as I am aware the business agents prior to this action.  In fact, as of today neither I nor any other member I know of has been officially informed of what has happened or what will happen in the future as a result of these actions.

 What we have found out so far from varies sources affiliated with the NJRCof C, by concerned members making inquiries, is as follows.

1.    All of the current locals have been abolished and replaced by three divisions that are being called “locals”, a north a central and a south, encompassing the entire state. 

2.    Each new “local” will now have thousands of members.  The combined total of all the members of the locals that these divisions have swallowed up.  We are not sure what locals have been forced into which division, therefore the number of members in each remains in question as do their boundaries.

3.    There has been no official word about who will be in charge of each division or to who, where and how we will report when we are out of work.       


The Goal of this website:


Organize from a grassroots level all New Jersey Union Carpenters who are fed up with the International in Washington weakening our union by taking away our rights and not acting with our best interest in mind.

 Separate ourselves from the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America and become an independent union in control of our own destiny.

 Restore our voting rights and return the voice of the rank and file that so many years ago were taken from us.

Get enough members to agree with these goals and vote affirmative on this site so we can then obtain legal counsel to proceed in that direction. 


 How to achieve the Goal:

We are asking every brother and sister carpenter in the State of New Jersey to vote, on this site, as to whether we should break off from the international and become independent.  A yes vote means you want separation from the International and independence.  A no vote means you want to keep the status quo and have the International dictate how your life and livelihood as a carpenter will proceed.



“Taxation without representation” is a phrase I’m sure is very familiar to all of us.  It was the driving force behind our Founding Fathers’ decision to seek independence from England and King George. 

 We must pay dues and check-off however no member of the rank and file has the right to vote for any of the officers that control this union, from business agent all the way to president of the international in Washington.   This union has become a club controlled by one man and any dissention is not tolerated.  There is no such thing as a benevolent dictator.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely and without our right to vote we become subservient to the wants and whims of these self appointed men, when the opposite should be true.  The positions that these officers hold had been created to facilitate the needs of rank and file towards the ends of making our union stronger, our working conditions better and not to weaken our position relative to the contractor. 

 The right to vote is a basic right guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States of America.  Our predecessors followed that document when forming the Carpenters’ union by including in our Constitution the rank and files’ right to vote on all major questions pertaining to union business.  Such as, but not limited to, contracts between the union and the contractors, the election of a business agent and an executive board, chosen from the rank and file, and certainly whether to dissolve ones local and merge into a mega local. 

    The International in Washington has created a trickle down effect to the state and local level and has continued to act with a blatant disregard for the wishes of the rank and file.  We can see this because we have no way to control any function of union business.  Beginning with the stripping of our right to vote for our business agent more than 10 years ago and leading to the dissolving of all home locals and their affiliated executive boards this past week.  The international has continued on the path of blocking the rank and file from having any say in future decisions involving this once great union.

Please help yourself and vote yes to the question of independence.   Join us in stemming the tide of the weakening of this union.  Stand up and be counted.   

 Besides your vote we welcome all feedback whether positive or negative.  Every opinion counts.  Please contact every member you know and tell them about the site.  Let’s get the membership mobilized and let our collective voice be heard. 

Important Message


Be careful of the Carpenter Work/Skill Questionnaire.

Either fill it out and don't sign it or sign it but make sure you cross out the last two paragraphs between print name and your signature.  If you don't cross them out you are giving them a liscense to take as much money from you as they wish.  This is what was advised to us by our attorneys.

UBC President Doug McCarron has stripped us of our rights

There is now a new hiring system

If you miss two calls, your name goes to the bottom of the list

You will now have to travel further in order to work

We used to be a high-paying trade; now we’re near the bottom

Our health benefits are almost non-existent

McCarron is using our money to steal other trades’ work


Please sign an authorization card for a new union

Your information will remain anonymous

Whatever Happened to Union Democracy?

New Jersey Carpenters United



New Jersey Carpenters United Standing Up For Our Democratic Rights.